About Us


Tuvmetálica is a metalworking company active in the eld of industrial assemblies, with skilled personnel to ensure the provisions of a wide range of services, including the design, supply and assembly of all types of industrial piping, mechanical equipment, tanks, steel structures and production plant maintenance.
Tuvmetálica comprises professionals and highly qualied and specialized teams that based on a wide experience acquired and consolidated in various business areas are able to ensure the delivery of high quality and precise services.
The use of innovative techniques and methods associated with a continuous improvement of the construction processes used, Tuvmetálica seeks to continuously improve the quality of services provided, while ensuring the safety of people and property, which are the basic pillars of its behavior as a socially responsible company. Tuvmetálica’s mission is to oer high quality services while meeting the applicable regulatory requirements for quality, safety and environment, in accordance with the relevant standards set out in NP EN ISO 9001, NP EN ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001:2007.



Areas of Practice

The experience acquired by its partners and employees over more than 20 years in metal industry, where the quality of services provided enabled Tuvmetálica to be recognized as a reference company in the eld of metalworking construction and assembly, allowed them to work with the biggest companies worldwide in the energy and transport industries, along with other major industries, such as: Nuclear and thermal power plants;

  • Nuclear and thermal;
  • Oil Industry, Chemical, Petrochemical and Off-Shore;
  • Automotive Industry;
  • Shipbuilding industry;
  • Steel and metal buildings;
  • Frames: Steel / Aluminum / Iron / PVC;
  • Glass Industry;
  • Cement Industry;
  • Industry Pulp and Paper Pulp;
  • Buildings and public works.



Where we operate

Tuvmetálica is based in Viseu and performs in various European countries, among which are France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Norway and Switzerland, also having clients in Portugal and outside Europe but with lower expression.